Balneology in Velingrad

Balneo packages with healing water treatments and medical procedures from experienced specialists at Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad

The offer is valid from 02.01 to 30.06.2023 inclusive

** The hotel reserves the right to announce different from these prices and conditions for certain dates.

We, in Sirona hotels – Hotel Spa Club Bor 4* Velingrad and Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* Velingrad closely monitor the Disease Control and Prevention Centres and the World Health Organization’s statements regarding new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and follow all instructions from these agencies and local health services.


The prices for healing, prophylaxis and rehabilitation under the Balneology Package in Spa Club Bor Hotel 4 * Velingrad are valid for all listed programs and include overnight, breakfast, dinner, initial examination by a specialist and 3 procedures per day per person, and the procedures are performed only on Sundays to Thursdays.

Type of accommodation Package price per room for one night in hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * with breakfast, dinner and 3 treatments from Sunday to Thursday
Base nutrition *
HB /overnight with breakfast and dinner/
Double room /accommodation 2 adults/ BGN 240,00 (EUR 122,71)
Studio /accommodation 2 adults + 1 child up to age 5,99 or 1 adult for an additional fee/ BGN 255,00 (EUR 130,38)
Suite /accommodation 2 adults + 2 children up to 5,99 years or 2 adults for an additional fee/ BGN 270,00 (EUR 138,05)
Deluxe Suite accommodation 2 adults + 2 children up to 5,99 years or 2 adults for an additional fee/ BGN 285,00 (EUR 145,72)

* HB – overnight with breakfast and dinner according to the hotel description


The prices for the offer Balneology in Velingrad are valid from 02.01 to 30.06.2023 inclusive, except for the holiday days for which the hotel has announced special package prices! Check out all our offers at special package rates! The hotel has the right to announce different terms and rates for certain dates.


The prices of the rooms under the Balneology Package in Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad include:

  • Overnight with breakfast and dinner;
  • Initial medical examination from Sunday to Thursday;
  • Preparation of an individual treatment program;
  • 3 medical or balneal procedures for each night – as prescribed by the Chief Physician;
  • Use of indoor pool with mineral water;
  • Use of outdoor swimming pool with mineral water (during the warm season);
  • Use of indoor jacuzzi with mineral water;
  • Use of outdoor jacuzzis with mineral water;
  • Use of outdoor pool for children with mineral water (during the warm season);
  • Use of sauna;
  • Use of Moroccan steam bath;
  • Use of relax zone;
  • Use of fitness;
  • Use of children’s playground for children over 4 years with professional children’s animation, with working hours every day from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 21:00;
  • Free provision of baby cot;
  • Free Wi-Fi within the hotel area;
  • Free parking;
  • Tourist tax;
  • Insurance;
  • VAT 9%.


All facilities are supplied with mineral water and operate according to the current regulations of the Ministry of Health.


Discounts and supplements:

  • Children up to the age of 5.99 stay for free at the adult boarding house, where this allows;
  • Each child from 6 to 11.99 years on an extra bed in the respective room with two paying adults is accommodated with a surcharge of BGN 30 (EUR 15,34) per night with breakfast and dinner included (no procedures involved);
  • A child over 12 years or a third adult, accommodated in an apartment, pay BGN 69 (EUR 35,28) per night with breakfast and dinner included (no procedures involved).


Children cannot be accommodated in some of the double rooms. The double rooms and studios have no balcony.


The programs for balneology in Velingrad have been developed by our healthcare professionals.

  1. Robust locomotor system
  2. Healthy lungs
  3. Robust nervous system
  4. Rheumatology
  5. Toning program
  6. Anti-cellulite program
  7. Harmonious body
  8. Anti-stress program


Each program includes 3 procedures per day, depending on the prescriptions of the Chief Physician, for example: kinesitherapy (individual, analytic, group), hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy baths with salts, essential oils or herbs, kinesitherapy – field treatment and outdoor breathing gymnastics, laser therapy, physiotherapy procedures – magnet therapy, ultrasound, radar, interference electricity, TENS (low-frequency current), DD (diadynamose phoresis), electrodream, light therapy, apparatus–based lymphatic drainage, shiatsu–apparatus massage, partial mud application.


Application of medical programs:

1. Robust locomotor system

The program is aimed at people with pain and stiffness in the big joints /elbows, hips, joints and shoulders/ due to overload, sports, inconvenient posture, etc. All conditions of immobilization and muscle weakness after breaks, sprains and sprains are excellently affected. Especially developed a module for spine distortion, which impedes breathing and everyday activities, is successfully applied in flat step pains.

2. Healthy lungs

The program has been developed specifically for patients with chronic cough, shortness of breath, and respiratory tract spasms as a result of acute and chronic infections. It has a prophylactic effect on increasing immunity to seasonal influenza infections. An important part of the program is aimed at preventing discomfort and chronic dyspnea in patients with bronchial asthma. The application of the module increases the comfort of life and the physiological capabilities of the respiratory system.

3. Robust nervous system

This medical program is designed for clients with frequent backache and tingling of the lower and upper limbs. All conditions of weakness of the muscles of the hands and feet are excellent, due to problems in the spine – dyskopathies, radiculitis, etc. The volume of movement and force in affected areas is increasing. During the program, active diagrams and habits are created to ensure a healthy posture and good practice in sports. In people experiencing stress and strain, the program has a clear relaxing and rewarding effect.

4. Rheumatology

The program is designed for adults and children over 7 years of age. The subject of treatment is out–of–reach rheumatoid arthritis, other rheumatic autoimmune diseases in remission, Behterev’s disease and some secondary reactive arthritic diseases.

5. Toning program

The program is designed for elderly people with reduced lifestyle, chronic fatigue and general body strengthening during periods of seasonal fatigue and weather dependence.

6. Anti-cellulite program

The program is designed for people with varying degrees, shapes and localization of cellulite, as well as some consequences of rapid weight reduction – stretch marks, ragades and scars.

7. Harmonious body

The program is designed for people with altered and non–harmonic body parameters as a result of immobilization and professions with a uniform posture. Patients with improperly developed musculoskeletal system are also affected.

8. Anti-stress program

The program is designed for people with various anxiety and impaired adaptation to stress situations as well as vegetative manifestations due to overload of the nervous system, some forms of insomnia.

Ensure good physical health, better quality of life, control stress in everyday life, recover from accumulated fatigue and exhaustion through the medical programs prepared individually for each of you by our healthcare professionals! Take care of your health by taking advantage of the programs for balneology in Velingrad, developed and conducted in the largest four–star Hotel Spa Club Bor 4* Velingrad! Make your booking by filling out the reservation form or by contacting the Reservations Department: mob.: +359 899 97 22 77 (you can also contact us via Viber ), mob.: +359 898 97 22 77 (you can also contact us via Viber ), mob.: +359 890 97 22 77, e-mail: We will be glad to be our guests!

Take a look at our boutique double rooms, studios and luxury suites in hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad and make the most suitable for you and your family choice of room in which to spend a complete vacation with balneological procedures, prepared individually for you prescription of the Chief Physician.


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