Chef Sally Onbashi
Welcome to us!
I, Chef Sally, will try to fulfil your culinary desires. I welcome you to try our specialties from the Bulgarian and European cuisine in the main restaurant or just small bites for your cocktails at Panorama Bar. We have prepared something for everyone! Do you have a special regime that you adhere to? Share it with us in advance to prepare your meals according to the plan you follow. We are expecting you!
Chef Sally Onbashi – Master Chef
Chef Sally Onbashi
Little bites for cocktails in
Panorama Bar
The taste for life
Always freshly prepared specialties! Enjoy different tastes and culinary delights! For our guests the master chef offers specialties from the Bulgarian and European cuisines. The hotel establishments are also suitable for holidays, celebrations and special events. Upon request of our guests we offer musical–artistic programs and DJ.

Panorama Bar in hotel Spa Club Bor Velingrad – inspiring view, style and sophisticated culinary masterpieces!

In addition to the Panorama Bar in hotel Spa Club Bor Velingrad, you can explore the other hotel establishments that are suitable for every mood and hour of the day. Enjoy the cosiness, tranquillity and culinary delights in the Main Restaurant, Lobby Bar and Fresh Bar in hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad. We are expecting you!

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