Ertios EOOD Company with registered and head office – the city of Sofia, Musagenitsa Housing Estate, block of flats 82, entrance 1, 4th floor, ap. 13, with UIC 203069338, registered under the Bulgarian Law on VAT, contact address – Region Pazardzhik, Municipality Velingrad, the town of Velingrad, Nikolay Hrelkov Street 9, telephone +359 899 97 22 77 and e-mail address: info@spaclubbor.com , is the owner of Spa club Bor Hotel.

In the capacity of personal data administrator, the company has implemented inner system for data storage and processing, which is in compliance with the requirements under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from 27 April 2016.

Before using our services, please, read carefully the Policy for personal data protection of Hotel Spa Club Bor.

The provision of personal data upon registering in the hotel is on the basis of the Tourism law and is completely voluntarily.


It is important to inform you that:

The services provided from Hotel Spa Club Bor are intended for the use of adults above the age of 18. Hotel Spa Club Bor  does NOT provide reservations and other services to unaccompanied minors.

Hotel Spa Club Bor  is engaged to keep the confidentiality for the information about your personal data. We would like to note that the information collected about you is aimed for internal use only.

We store the information, provided by you, in a secured software environment.

Hotel Spa Club Bor does not collect data for credit cards and other payment methods!

By making a reservation through the booking system at the website of Hotel Spa Club Bor https://spaclubbor.com/ , you agree to our Policy for personal data protection and expressly confirm that you accept it.

By filling in a request for an offer/reservation via the forms on our website or by sending a voluntary e-mail to us, we consider that you explicitly agree that Hotel Spa Club Bor – as an administrator will process the personal data, provided by you in accordance with the legislation for personal data protection.


Why do we collect your data?

When you use our website, our serves store data for the visited by you pages, offers and price offers, the date of the visitation, the IP address and other operational data, in order to provide safety at first place and protection against potential attacks. This information is anonymized at the highest level possible and it is not associated with a natural person.

All other personal data such as names, telephone, email, addresses etc. are stored only after receiving an explicit informed consent on behalf of the user of our services, meaning you.

The personal date is collected in a minimal volume, aiming to sell quality and competitive tourist service. In some cases, we use cookies. The cookies that we use do not contain personal data.

In some cases, your explicit consent for the processing of your personal data may not be necessary if another legal ground is present (such as a contract, regulation, ordinance or other law obligations).


What kind of personal data do we process and by whom?


  • Visitors of the website – ownership of Hotel Spa Club Bor

A visitor is every individual that has loaded the site of Hotel Spa Club Bor  in their web browser.

Categories of personal data, collected by Hotel Spa Club Bor, processing purpose and period of storage:

-Statistic: IP address, visited pages, units and offers reviewed, identifiers stored in cookies locally with the user, information about the browser/ the operational system.
-Personal: Personal data, collected after receiving explicit consent from the user such as name, last name, e-mail address, address, which the administrator uses to contact the user, and to personalize the offer provided upon request.
-Processing purpose: The statistical data is used for the normal functioning of the website, ownership of Hotel Spa Club Bor. The personal data is used to ensure the conditions, needed in order for a particular service to be provided.
-Storage period: The website cookies are with maximal validity equal to 1 year. The personal data provided after receiving the user’s consent are stored for 10 years, unless another legislation act suggests anything else.
-Legal grounds for processing: An agreement of the Cookie Policy and the Booking and Cancellation Policy. Informed consent.


  • Users filing a request or a reservation request

-Categories of data, being processed:Names, telephone, age of all the tourists travelling with the user.

-Aims of the processing: The creation of the most detailed and appropriate offer possible for a specific request, filed by the customer, aiming the sale of a tourist service. Marketing purposes.
-Period of storage: 10 years
-Legal grounds for processing: An informed consent. A legitimate interest.


  • Customers of Hotel Spa Club Bor, who are provided with a service in accordance with the Law on Tourism

-Categories of data, being processed: Names, e-mail, telephone, address, numbers of identity cards and passports, PINs, full data and declaration for the children traveling with you.
-Aims of the processing: Contracting an engagement for tourist packages and related tourist services, such as hotel accommodation. Inclusion in a programme for loyal customers.
-Period of storage: 10 years
-Legal grounds for processing: Contract performance; The Law on Tourism, The Law on Accounting, Agreement with the general conditions for traveling and other regulations. Informed consent. Legitimate interest.


Who else can receive your data?

Hotel Spa Club Bor under no circumstances will provide your personal data to third parties unless:
– There is an explicit consent from your side;
– There is a requirement for information provision from legitimate control authorities or officers, who in accordance with the acting legislation, have the right to request and collect such information and the trader is obligated to provide the information as per the law;
– The information is provided to third parties if necessary for the completion of a service base on contract between the customer and Hotel Spa Club Bor – hoteliers and restaurateurs, individuals providing services in certified tourist sights, tour operators and tourist agents, licensed insurance companies, licensed transportation companies, tour guides or other service providers, which are performed as a part from a tourist package or represent a separate service to be executed.  Hotel Spa Club Bor operates by contracting counteragents only within the European Union.


What are your rights?

Upon request, you have the right to receive information about the personal data collected about you. You have at a time the right to object to your data being collected and processed and you have the right to request for them to be corrected, erased (“the right to be forgotten”), restricted or blocked. For the purpose, send an e-mail to our person in charge of the personal data protection to info@spaclubbor.com

The act of excising those rights is a subject of some exceptions in order for the public interest to be defended (for example, the prevention or the disclosure of criminal acts) or our interests to be defended (for example, the protection of our legitimate privileges). If you exercise some of those rights we will verify your right to exercise those and will respond with no delay, no later than one month. In more complex cases or when receiving multiple request, the abovementioned period may be prolonged with two more months, which you will be informed of.

If you are not satisfied from your information being used or from our response in the process of exercising those rights, you have the right to file a complaint to your authority responsible for personal data protection.

Hotel Spa Club Bor  is not to be held responsible for the personal data being processed by other sites, which our website has links to.

If you don’t want us to process your personal data in the ways described in the current document, you have every right to not provide us with those. The personal data provision is completely voluntary and aims to ensure the complete functioning of our websites and the provision of a quality service to the customers of Hotel Spa Club Bor. Your refusal to provide us with such personal date is considered a refusal to use the services, provided by our website and refusal to use the services, provided by Hotel Spa Club Bor.

The current policy for personal data protection is inseparable part and supplements the policy for the use of cookies and the Booking and Cancellation Policy.

All eventual future changes in the current policy for personal data protection will be published on the current pages.

By agreeing with our policy for personal data protection, you give your explicit consent for your personal data to be processed.





Spaclubbor.com uses cookies in order to improve your experience, to analyze the website traffic and to ensure the correct work of the website. By visiting our website, you accept the use of cookies.

HTTP Cookie, plural “cookies”, is a way, used by the website to store information locally on the website of the user.

By using the  HTTP cookies, the site Spaclubbor.com may distinguish and remember the users. Moreover, the cookies are used to remember the individual preferences of the users, the settings for the actions completed, the condition of a certain functionality, service or specificity on the website. For example, a chosen by the visitor language and/or currency.

When Spaclubbor.com is loading, the site creates and sends the user a cookie. The information in the cookie is saved by the web browser in it system space on the device of the user. With every following request to the our website, the browser turns back the information from the cookie and assists so that the website loads faster. 

The website of Hotel Spa Club Bor uses the following types of cookies in accordance with their purpose:

  • Mandatory cookies

Those cookies are necessary for the correct work of the website. Those cookies remain in the browser even after it is closed. Those cookies may be used for distinguish and saving purposes. For example, with these cookies we show you the information on our website in the language chosen by you during your previous visit to our website and the prices – in accordance with the currency you have chosen. The purpose is to avoid for you to select settings that you have already confirmed or denied at your previous visitation or in the current session and thus ensuring the most comfortable website visitation. Such cookies are the cookies for turning on the caching.

  • Analytical cookies

By using that type of cookie we collect statistical information about the website traffic that includes the number of visitations, the online time, the popularity of the separate pages, the consequence of reviewing, the repeated visitations, whether the site is visited via a mobile or desktop device and the log out from the site moment. Those cookies do not give us any information about your personal data. Rather, using analytic cookies, we can determine how well our users work with the site easily and reach solutions to improve the user experience of the site.


Cookies deactivation

If you do not wish to accept cookies you can deactivate those from the settings of your browser. Please, have in mind that cookies being deactivated may lead to disruption of the functionality of the website and to termination of the work of the online reservation system of Hotel Spa Club Bor.   

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