Prophylaxis and prevention against COVID-19 in Spa Club Bor Velingrad
Prophylaxis and prevention against COVID-19 in Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad

In the context of the announced global pandemic of COVID-19, the team of hotels in Sirona responded adequately and extremely quickly in accordance with the instructions of the National Crisis Staff and RHI-Pazardzhik. In the beginning of February and the beginning of March, professional trainings and explanations were held for the staff of the Sirona hotels (Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad Hotel and Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5 * Velingrad) with Dr. Stanchev, D.M. The proper disinfection of surfaces, the steps of washing hands with disinfectants, the rules for the wearing, placement and disposal of personal protective equipment were shown. The team was explained the preventive methods of safeguarding from infection with COVID-19. In the beginning of February, non-contact alcohol-based disinfectant block stations were installed in the hotels by the companies certified by the Ministry of Health at all the crucial place of the complexes. The complexes are repeatedly disinfected on all surfaces.

What are the unsuspecting, health-friendly resources offered by the bioclimatic resources of the Velingrad region. Especially in these anxious days of epidemic situation in Bulgaria and the world.

Back in 1994, a Bulgarian commentator on the World Cup became the author of the winged phrase “The God is Bulgarian”. Proof of this is the bouquet of natural gifts of the Velingrad region.

We have all heard of ions — they are negative (anions) and positive (cations), depending on their electric charge. As students, we study about them, but few people wonder what their function really is for our health.

The Velingrad region offers a concentration of aeroanions of 500-1000 / cubic cm, respectively, of elevation elevation of 700-780 m above sea level. Combined with low average wind speeds of 1-1.5 m per year, biologically active solar radiation is 23-25 % higher than the altitudes up to 700 m above sea level and the seasonal /spring – autumn/ massive presence of phytoncides and other biological active constituents of air, the result of the presence of vast areas of coniferous vegetation. It has been scientifically proven that in the transitional low-mountainous area of ​​and around Velingrad the work of the heart (pumping function and preload) is facilitated and the functions of the respiratory system – external and internal respiration – are significantly improved.

Negative Anions – “Aerial Vitamins”

A number of scientists: Chizhevsky, Caspar and Ashkinas-1963, Krueger and Reed-1976, Rosenthal-Ben-Hur-1980, Tanaka-1996, after scientific research and experiments, prove that negative airways stimulate life processes and have overall beneficial effects on human health, while positive ones have the opposite effect – lowering vital functions. Numerous attempts have shown that only a 20-minute stay in such areas has a magical effect on the human body, causing an unexpected influx of vital energy, optimism and good mood.

Get at least a few times a month active recreation and recreation in a zone with negative aero-ionization, as our Velingrad region has in abundance. The Chepino region will give you all complete with its healing mineral waters. In combination with its other bioclimatic factors, it creates a unique natural combination for the recovery and prevention of many diseases.

Unfortunately, the predominantly urban and highly industrialized lifestyle, seriously breaks us from the places where the air has a high and healthy concentration of negatively charged ions and useful solar radiation.

Concentration of negative ions /anions/ in different medium:
•homes and offices in urban areas 50-80 cm3
•homes and offices with air conditioning up to 40 cm3
•city streets 70-90 cm3
•heavy loaded roads below 90 cm3
•villages 200-400 cm3
•mountains and resorts 1 000-10 000 cm3
•after a storm 50 000-100 000 cm3
•near waterfalls 10 000-200 000 cm3

Here are the main health benefits of the unique complex of bioclimatic factors in the Velingrad area:

  • Improved immune system status – Increased blood circulating antibodies and rapid immune response, especially current!
  • Increase microcirculation at all levels and metabolic processes;
  • They are actively involved in the natural processes of cellular detoxification;
  • They balance the natural bio-energy that flows in our body and charges us with positive energy and tone;
  • Relieve chronic headache and soothe asthma symptoms, allergies, respiratory problems, flu, cold, sinusitis, pulmonary disease;
  • Bronchitis, migraine, chronic fatigue, insomnia;
  • Restores neutral acid-base balance, which allows the blocked energy to be released and the body to function optimally;
  • Encourage the adrenal glands to secrete cortisone, which protects against various diseases and fights fatigue;
  • Provide red blood cells for long life;
  • Encourage spirit and activate basic biofunctions;
  • Reduce and neutralize the dangerous effects of stress, depression and anxiety – disturbance, neuroses and panic attacks;
  • Improve the negative electrical potential of cells, which ensures optimal absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

The team of Sirona hotels has individually developed and tested practical complexes and modules for the prevention, recreation and climatic treatment of a large number of disease states and problems from different systems of the human body. Modern methods are used – extrinsic active kinesitherapy, landscape therapy, outdoor breathing gymnastics, elements of yoga and Pilates at open air, conductive breathing and elements of yoga – breathing, close ecotourism, forms of various activities – limited cardio and increasing physical operational capacity sessions.

Combining all these approaches and methods with the proven physical and balneological procedures in our hotel complexes (Spa Club Bor Hotel 4* Velingrad and Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* Velingrad) we are convinced that you will feel a tangible and lasting positive effect on your physical, spiritual, emotional and social health!

Hotel Spa Club Bor 4* Velingrad is fully supplied with mineral water with healing properties. Furthermore, the hotel offers balneo packages with hydrotherapy and medical procedures developed by experienced hotel professionals. The hotel’s health professionals can individually prepare for each guest of the hotel balneology programs, that work to strengthen the immune system. The SPA centre of the hotel offers herbs massages that have a strong anti-flu effect and boost the immune system. The hotel has a Medical Center, which is highly equipped according to the Law on the medical establishments and it employs specialists from different fields of health care. Every guest of the hotel can take advantage of the medical strands on which the centre operates.

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Take a look at our boutique rooms, studios and luxury suites in Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad and enjoy a relaxing holiday in nature and fresh air. Indulge in SPA treatments that have a beneficial effect both on the tone of the whole body and in the direction of strengthening the immune system.

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