Body therapies in Velingrad – enjoy relaxing and toning body SPA procedures in the largest four–star hotel in Velingrad – Spa Club Bor 4 *!

Body therapies Time /Minutes/ Price

The ritual of Polynesia /Relaxing spa ritual that includes exfoliation with Bora Bora white sand, sea salts and coconut shells, Sea Lagoon bath, hot sandbags massage, lomi-lomi massage and final application of nourishing oil with gold particles/

90 minutes 110,00 BGN (56,24 EUR)

Ritual Indosean /A magical voyage to the secrets of the landmark in four cosmopolitan steps that begin from the Mediterranean with full body exfoliation through aromatic peels of brown sugar, sea salts and citrus essential oils. Passes through Egypt, where you will immerse yourself in Cleopatra’s bath, continues through India – with a relaxing Ayurvedic massage treatment that treats key energy zones and ends in China with a nourishing rice mask/

90 minutes 110,00 BGN (56,24 EUR)

The secrets of Aurora /A captivating feeling of restoring vital energy with our therapy, which awakens your body and mind for a fresh start, through complete care of kiwi peels, a massage with luxurious aroma oil and highly absorbed moisturizing milk/

60 minutes 80,00 BGN (40,90 EUR)

Apollo Men Ritual /The sea gives the best of its riches to restore the power and energy of the exhausted man from the modern way of life. Peeling, massage and regenerating mask all wash away any particle fatigue/

60 minutes 80,00 BGN (40,90 EUR)

Honey and milk Roman ritual /The ancient Romans have bequeathed to us a ritual that balances energy and restores harmony. A procedure rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For starters, we will dip you into a protein bath, and the subsequent peeling will cleanse and prepare the skin for a unique honey and milk cocktail/

60 minutes 75,00 BGN (38,35 EUR)

Mediterranean cleansing ritual /Pamper your skin with exfoliating therapy for radiant tan. Special sand peeling enriched with vanilla extracts and fruit shells, gently cleanses the skin and makes it soft as velvety, and the fine lotion wraps it carefully for comfort throughout the day/

35 minutes 50,00 BGN (25,56 EUR)

Bacchus Wine Therapy /Powerful antioxidant therapy providing maximum free radical protection, preventing water retention, effective in combating cellulite and eliminating toxins/

70 minutes 75,00 BGN (38,35 EUR)

Venetian mosaic /Therapy aimed at smoothing and modelling problem areas in depth. It starts with saturating the skin with oxygen for better circulation, followed by a mosaic blend of reconstructing gels and an instant massage. Finish with a weakening cream gel/

45 minutes 90,00 BGN (46,02 EUR)
Venus Sculpture Therapy /Touch the mythical beauty of the Roman goddess Venus with our effective anti-cellulite and firming therapy, which begins with an enzyme papaya peeling followed by a skin smoothing massage and a green tea sauna mask. For the end, double laxative oil is applied/ 60 minutes 99,00 BGN (50,62 EUR)

Myra Oils /Natural cosmetics with one hundred percent essential oils created in our own distillery. Products that make the skin gentle, beautiful and silky soft, but at the same time, penetrating the body at the cellular level, they act curative. The choice between three therapies is entirely yours/

– Rosa Damascena

– Melissa

– Hydratation

60 minutes 67,00 BGN (34,26 EUR)

Body therapies in Velingrad – take care of the skin of your whole body at hotel Spa Club Bor 4*!

SPA Label

How to use all the positives of the SPA Centre?

To maximize your spa experience and support the benefits of your treatment, we recommend arriving 30 minutes ahead of schedule for your procedure to enjoy our attractive wet areas consisting of hot and cold pools, whirlpools, outdoor areas for relaxation, steam baths and sauna. All water facilities at Spa Club Bor 4* Hotel are fully supplied with mineral water directly from the Radonova Banya Spring.

For your convenience, use a robe and blue cloth from your room.

It is advisable not to use your mobile phone, tablet or camera while enjoying the spa experience. We strongly recommend that you do not consume alcohol before your visit at the SPA.

We expect our youngest guests up to the age of 14 to be accompanied by an adult.

Spa Club Bor – the taste for life!

In addition to the various moisturizing, exfoliating and attenuating body therapies as well as rejuvenating face therapies, you can stay in the hands of some of the best masseurs at hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * and choose a full or partial massage or pamper yourself with relaxing baths with aromatic salts and essential oils.


We will be glad if you become our guests! Explore the luxurious double rooms, studios and boutique suites offered in the hotel and make your choice! Indulge yourself in a well–deserved spa vacation at hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad! Make your bookings by filling out the Booking Form or by contacting the Reservations Department: mob.: +359 899 97 22 77 (you can also contact us via Viber ), mob.: +359 898 97 22 77 (you can also contact us via Viber ), mob.: +359 890 97 22 77, e-mail:

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