Composition of the mineral water in Velingrad – presence of radon in healing concentration. The mineral water in Velingrad has a particularly beneficial effect on the body.

Velingrad has the largest mineral water resource in the country and in the Balkans, with a total flow of 143 liters/sec.

There are over 80 springs in Velingrad and the surrounding area.

Composition of the mineral water in Velingrad-hotel Spa Club BorThe mineral water of Chepino spring, which is supplied by its own water supply network, the spa complexes – balneo hotel Saint Spas 5 * and hotel Spa Club Bor 4* is hyperthermal with a temperature of 48 ° С and a total mineralization of 187 g/l. The mineral water in both hotels is characterized as hydrocarbon, sodium, fluorine, silicon, radon containing hydrosulfide. The flow rate of the spring is 70 l/sec.

The mineral water in both hotels is suitable for drinking, inhalation and external treatment and the indications for prevention, treatment and recreation are for diseases of: locomotory system, peripheral nervous system, respiratory system, metabolism, gastrointestinal tract, kidney–urological, gynaecological, skin, functional disorders of the nervous system.

Composition of the mineral water in Velingrad – hyperthermal, slightly mineralized hydrocarbon sulphate–sodium, fluorine and silicon. 

Composition of the mineral water in Velingrad-healing action on an organism

Hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad is fully supplied with mineral water. We will be glad to meet you as our guests! Make your bookings by filling out the Booking Form or by contacting the Reservations Department: tel.: +359 700 15 277, mob.: +359 899 97 22 77, e-mail: Ensure your ideal SPA holiday at hotel Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad! Give yourself health, joy and pleasure!

Composition of the mineral water in Velingrad Chepino spring 
Water temperature (C°) 48
pH 9,15 
Radioactivity in Em per l. 68 
Cations in mg / l.  
Potassium 0,49
Sodium 47,60 
Calcium 4,62 
Magnesium traces
Anions in mg / l.  
Fluorine 4,50 
Chlorine 3,66 
Sulphates 44,03 
Hydrocarbonates 51,65 
Carbonates 19,05 
Hydrophosphate 0,01 
Methylsilicic acid 45,76 
Total mineralization 187 g / l
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