Medical equipment at Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad, according to the Medical Establishments Act – Prom. SG. no. 62 of 09 July 1999, Am. SG. no. 36 of 15 May 2009, Am. SG. no. 41 of 2 June 2009.

Medical Procedural Offices Available equipment – Affiliate Hotel Spa Club Bor 4* Velingrad Available equipment – Affiliate Balneo Hotel Saint Spas 5* Velingrad
1. Chief physician – physiotherapist Negativoscope Negativoscope
Dr. D. Stanchev Cardiograph Cardiograph
   Lasereparatus Lasereparatus
Set for manual therapy Set for manual therapy
 1.1. Cabinet Physiotherapy – Electrotherapy LFC Apparatus LFC Apparatus
     TENS Apparatus TENS Apparatus
HFC Apparatus HFC Apparatus
Apparatus US – Phonophoresis Apparatus US – Phonophoresis
Apparatus for magnetotherapy Apparatus for magnetotherapy
 1.2. Cabinet Physiotherapy – Microwave Therapy MBT apparatus – radar  
        ECG apparatus ECG apparatus
Ultrasonic apparatus Ultrasonic apparatus
AH Holter system AH Holter system
Defibrillator Defibrillator
US inhaler US inhaler
Doppler sonograph Doppler sonograph
2. OG Cabinet Gynaecological chair Gynaecological chair
Dr. Yonchev Echoograph Echoograph
    Colposcope Colposcope
Electrocoagulator Electrocoagulator
Packet Equipment – OG Packet Equipment – OG
3. Surgical Cabinet Surgical Equipment – Small Surgery Surgical Equipment – Small Surgery
Dr. Tashev   Dry sterilizing chamber
4. Clinical laboratory Main package: Main package:
    Clinical biochemistry Clinical biochemistry
Haematology Haematology
Coagulation Coagulation
5. Manipulation room Surgical Lamp – Snowdrop Surgical Lamp – Snowdrop
        Set for Emergency Assistance Set for Emergency Assistance
Pulseoxymeter Pulseoxymeter
FBT Apparatus FBT Apparatus
Portable laser apparatus Portable laser apparatus
Otoscope Otoscope
Dermatoscope Dermatoscope
Aspiration apparatus – set Aspiration apparatus – set
6. Water therapy Table Shower Vichy Table Shower Vichy
     Pearl bath Masor Pearl bath Masor
Bath Masor Bath Masor
Aromatherapy bed Aromatherapy bed
Bath for two Bath for two
7. Cabinet massages, including Ayurveda Shirodara Apparatus Shirodara Apparatus
8. Cosmetics Cabinet Cosmetic combine Cosmetic combine
  Cosmetic unit “Gino”  
9. Thermo zone Finnish Bath Finnish Bath
    Turkish bath Turkish bath with hot massage table
Steam bath Steam bath
Solarium Solarium
10. Fitness center Veloergometers – 2 items Veloergometers – 2 items
        Abdominal musculoskeletal device  Abdominal musculoskeletal device 
Multi–Hip Device Multi–Hip Device
Chest musculoskeletal device Chest musculoskeletal device
Running trail Running trail
Stepper Stepper
Stand with weights Stand with weights
Gladiator Gladiator

Medical equipment at Spa Club Bor 4 * Velingrad, equipped with medical apparatus, which allows clinic–laboratory diagnostics, primary and secondary prevention and health–consulting activity in every area of ​​healthcare.

Be aware of the prices of paid medical services by specialties at Sirona Medical Center in hotel Spa Club Bor 4 *.

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